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Become a member of Local 397

The trade of Sheet Metal Worker is a compulsory trade, which means that you have to be a registered apprentice or journey-person to do this work. The union holds the apprenticeship contracts. To become an apprentice you can apply at the union hall by dropping off a resume and proof of grade 12 or equivalent. In addition, when there is a need for apprentices the union will schedule an apptitude test. Applicants will be notified of the date and time. Time allotted for the aptitude test is 3.5 hours. The aptitude test costs $25.00 to write; payable in advance by cash or cheque.

To become a sheet metal Sheeter / Decker, applicants can simply drop off a resume at the hall.

Built-up roofing (“Flat Roofer”) is a voluntary trade with Thunder Bay Roofing Apprenticeship Council holding the apprenticeship contracts. Contact the union if your interested in work in the roofing trade.

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